Minimal React.js boilerplate with an auto build environment
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This is a minimal React.js boilerplate with an auto build environment which you can fork and clone to easily setup your own projects.

Tip: Using git-clone-init makes this very simple.

git-clone-init myProjectName

TODO: Replace this boilerplate with your project description


  • React.js JSX example which fetches from REST source and renders
  • simple build and auto rebuild (watch) using npm run scripts
  • browser-sync for auto reloading in browser on change
  • ES6/7 and JSX compiling to ES5 with babeljs
  • eslint for linting
  • browserify (w/babelify) for bundling javascript for the browser
  • watchify to automatically rebuild on changes
  • uglify for js minification
  • less CSS style compiler
  • autoprefixer for automatically adding css prefixes
  • cleancss for css minification
  • axios for promise based HTTP client

Note: Windows users - use instead


  • package.json - dependencies and build commands
  • public/index.html - main HTML
  • public/fake-api.json - mock REST api returning json data
  • src/browser.jsx - React.js JSX code which fetches REST data and renders into the main HTML
  • src/util/polyfill.js - Import any core-js or other polyfills here
  • assets/site.less - CSS styles used by site, edit or import into
  • bs-config.js - browser-sync config, set browser to launch
  • dist/ - contains compiled and minified css and js


  • My default browser for browser-sync is Google Chrome, if you want to use a different browser like Google Chrome Canary or Mozilla Firefox edit bs-config.js


Requires node.js/iojs >= 0.10

npm install ## install dependent node modules


TODO: update with your usage

Primary use - auto build and reload browser

npm run watch # build and watch, auto recompile and load changes
# use control-c to exit the autobuild watch

Build only

npm run build # build only

Build for Production

npm run prod-build # sets NODE_ENV=production then builds


TODO: Add your goals here


TODO: Add your description of why you created this

Get involved

If you have input or ideas or would like to get involved, you may: