2D platformer game written in c++ from scratch without any engine
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A 2D Platformer game "Dragon Tale" made with C++ and SFML without the use of any game engine.


The project requires SFML 2.x to be compiled. If you don't have it installed yet, you can follow this link or do the commands bellow :

- Download SFML library from http://www.sfml-dev.org/download.php or clone their git https://github.com/SFML/SFML
- Go to Visual Studio Project Properties.
- In C/C++|General in Additional Include Libraries set path of SFML include folder.
- In Linker|General in Additional Library Directory set path of SFML lib folder.
- In Linker|Input in Additional Dependencies copy/paste following dependencies sfml-audio-d.lib;sfml-graphics-d.lib;sfml-window-d.lib;sfml-system-d.lib; if not already present.


  • Left and Right arrows to move dragon character
  • W to Jump
  • W+E to Glide
  • F to Fire
  • R for Slashing

What has been done ?

  • Player can walk, run, jump, fall, slash, glide
  • A debug mode that displays extra information
  • Loading custom maps, camera follow the player, rendering only those tiles which are shown on screen
  • GameStateManager class is used to manage, load and unload all the game states
  • minimalistic 2D physics
  • Level stored in a 2D array. First 2 lines of file contains total amount of tiles to load and number of rows
  • Collision detection
  • Scrolling

What next ?

  • Death of player (player flinch on colliding with enemy. Dead animations yet to come).
  • Reading of TiledMap Editor's XML file format directly for loading of maps.
  • Cool new levels
  • Final Boss Raid in each level
  • Destructors to remove memory leaks are yet to be written. (Not required by this small game but still a good practice. I will write it later.)

Click HERE FOR DEMO VIDEO (Note: lag in the video is because of the screen recorder, game runs fine.)