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App Templates

Documentation Status

This repository hosts the official templates ('Apps Templates') definitions for portainer.

Documentation is available ReadTheDocs for more information about the template definition format and how to deploy your own templates.

Portainer templates:

  • Docker registry (based on registry:latest)
  • Nginx (based on nginx:latest)
  • Httpd (based on httpd:latest)
  • MySQL (based on mysql:latest)
  • MariaDB (based on mariadb:latest)
  • PostgreSQL (based on postgres:latest)
  • Mongo (based on mongo:latest)
  • CockroachDB (based on cockroachdb/cockroach:latest)
  • Elasticsearch (based on elasticsearch:latest)
  • Solr (based on solr:latest)
  • Minio (based on minio/minio:latest)
  • Redis (based on redis:latest)
  • RabbitMQ (based on rabbitmq:latest)
  • WordPress (based on wordpress:latest)
  • Joomla (based on joomla:latest)
  • Drupal (based on drupal:latest)
  • Plone (based on plone:latest)
  • Magento 2 (based on alankent/gsd:latest)
  • Mautic (based on mautic/mautic:latest)
  • Wowza (based on sameersbn/wowza:4.1.2-8)
  • Jenkins (based on jenkins:latest)
  • Redmine (based on redmine:latest)
  • Odoo (based on odoo:latest)