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GitHub application for the [@codex_bot] platform

Useful integration with Provides notifications about

  • Opened/closed issues
  • Assigned issues
  • Opened/closes pull requests
  • Code review
  • Branch updates
  • Commits


Type /github_start and follow instructions to add a new repository.

Issues and improvements

  • Ask a question or report a bug on the create issue page.
  • Know how to improve an application? Fork it and send a pull request.

About a @codex_bot platform

Platform for services integration into messengers. It's simple. Applications written with our SDK will be available in all supported messengers.


Currently we support these messengers. We will add several ones soon.

  • Telegram
  • Slack

How to use

Add @codex_bot in your chat and type /apps to view list of available applications.

How to create own application

Our Python SDK and Guide for creation an app will help you.

About CodeX

We are small team of passionate web-developers consisting of IFMO University students and graduates located in St. Petersburg, Russia. Fell free to give us a feedback on