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  • New - toolbar.toggleBlockSettings() API method added #1442.
  • Improvements - A generic type for Tool config added #1516
  • Improvements - Remove unused force option in Caret.navigateNext() and Caret.navigatePrevious() #857.
  • Improvements - Remove bundles from the repo #1541.
  • Improvements - Document will be scrolled when blocks are selected with SHIFT+UP or SHIFT+DOWN #1447
  • Improvements - The caret will be set on editor copy/paste #1470
  • Improvements - Added generic types to OutputBlockData #1551.
  • Fix - Fix BlockManager.setCurrentBlockByChildNode() with multiple Editor.js instances #1503.
  • Fix - Fix an unstable block cut process #1489.
  • Fix - Type definition of the Sanitizer config: the sanitize function now contains param definition #1491.
  • Fix - Fix unexpected behavior on an empty link pasting #1348.
  • Fix - Fix SanitizerConfig type definition #1513
  • Refactoring - The Listeners module now is a util.
  • Refactoring - The Events module now is a util.
  • Fix - Editor Config now immutable #1552.
  • Refactoring - Shortcuts module is util now.
  • Fix - Fix bubbling on BlockManagers' listener #1433.


  • Improvements - The Cypress was integrated as the end-to-end testing framework
  • Improvements - Native typeofreplaced with custom utils methods
  • Improvements - Bind shortcuts listeners on the editor wrapper instead of document #1391
  • Fix - The problem with destroy() method #1380.
  • Fix - add getter keyword to block.mergeable method #1415.
  • Fix — Fix problem with entering to Editor.js by Tab key #1393
  • Fix - Sanitize pasted block data #1396.
  • Fix - Unnecessary block creation after arrow navigation at last non-default block#1414


  • New - Read-only mode 🥳 #837
  • New - RTL mode added #670
  • New - Allows users to provide common inlineToolbar property which will be used for all tools whose inlineToolbar property is set to true. It can be overridden by the tool's own inlineToolbar property. Also, inline tools will be ordered according to the order of the inline tools in array provided in the inlineToolbar property. #1056
  • New - Tool's reset static method added to the API to clean up any data added by Tool on initialization
  • Improvements - The initialBlock property of Editor config is deprecated. Use the defaultBlock instead. #993
  • Improvements - BlockAPI call() method now returns the result of calling method, thus allowing it to expose arbitrary data as needed #1205
  • Improvements - Unuseful log about missed i18n section has been removed #1269
  • Improvements - Allowed to set false as toolbox config in order to hide Toolbox button #1221
  • Fix — Fix problem with types usage #1183
  • Fix - Fixed issue with Spam clicking the "Click to tune" button duplicates the icons on FireFox. #1273
  • Fix - Fixed issue with editor.blocks.delete(index) method which throws an error when Editor.js is not focused, even after providing a valid index. #1182
  • Fix - Fixed the issue of toolbar not disappearing on entering input in Chinese, Hindi and some other languages. #1196
  • Fix - Do not stop events propagation if not needed (essential for React synthetic events) #1051 #946
  • Fix - Tool's destroy method is not invoked when editor.destroy() is called. #1047
  • Fix - Fixed issue with enter key in inputs and textareas #920
  • Fix - blocks.getBlockByIndex() API method now returns void for indexes out of range #1270
  • Fix - Fixed the Tab key behavior when the caret is not set inside contenteditable element, but the block is selected #1302.
  • Fix - Fixed the onChange callback issue. This method didn't be called for native inputs before some contentedtable element changed #843
  • Fix - Fixed the onChange callback issue. This method didn't be called after the callback throws an exception #1339
  • Fix - The internal shortcut getter of Tools classes will work now.
  • Deprecated — The Inline Tool clear() method is deprecated because the new instance of Inline Tools will be created on every showing of the Inline Toolbar


  • New I18n API — Ability to provide internalization for Editor.js core and tools. #751
  • New — Block API that allows you to access certain Block properties and methods
  • Improvements - TSLint (deprecated) replaced with ESLint, old config changed to CodeX ESLint Config.
  • Improvements - Fix many code-style issues, add missed annotations.
  • Improvements - Adjusted GitHub action for ESLint.
  • Improvements - Blocks API: if blocks.delete method is called, but no Block is selected, show warning instead of throwing an error #1102
  • Improvements - Blocks API: allow deletion of blocks by specifying block index via blocks.delete(index).
  • Improvements - UX: Navigate next Block from the last non-initial one creates new initial Block now #1103
  • Improvements - Improve performance of DOM traversing at the isEmpty() method #1095
  • Improvements - CODE OF CONDUCT added
  • Improvements - Disabled useCapture flag for a block keydown handling. That will allow plugins to override keydown and stop event propagation, for example, to make own Tab behavior.
  • Improvements - All modules now might have destroy method called on Editor.js destroy
  • Improvements - Block settings can contain text inputs, focus will be restored after settings closed #1090
  • Fix - Editor's styles won't be appended to the <head> when another instance have already do that #1079
  • Fix - Fixed wrong toolbar icon centering in Firefox #1120
  • Fix - Toolbox: Tool's order in Toolbox now saved in accordance with tools object keys order #1073
  • Fix - Setting autofocus config property to true cause adding .ce-block--focused for the autofocused block #1073
  • Fix - Public getter shortcut now works for Inline Tools #1132
  • Fix - CMD+A handler removed after Editor.js destroy #1133

Breaking changes blocks.getBlockByIndex method now returns BlockAPI object. To access old value, use BlockAPI.holder property


  • Improvements - Editor's onchange callback now accepts an API as a parameter
  • Fix - Some mistakes are fixed in
  • Fix - Fixed multiple paste callback triggering in a case when several editors are instantiated #1011
  • Fix - Fixed inline toolbar flipper activation on closing conversion toolbar #995
  • Improvements - New window tab is opened by clicking on anchor with ctrl #1057
  • Fix - Fix block-tune buttons alignment in some CSS-resetors that forces box-sizing: border-box rule #1003
  • Improvements - New style of a Block Settings button. Focused block background removed.
  • New — Add in-house copy-paste support through application/x-editor-js mime-type
  • New Block lifecycle hook moved
  • Deprecatedblocks.swap(fromIndex, toIndex) method is deprecated. Use blocks.move(toIndex, fromIndex) instead.
  • Fix — Improve plain text paste #1012
  • Fix — Fix multiline paste #1015


  • Fix — Fix Firefox bug with incorrect height and cursor position of empty content editable elements #947 #876 #608 #876
  • Fix — Set initial hidden Inline Toolbar position #979
  • Fix — Fix issue with CodeX.Toolips TypeScript definitions #978
  • Fix — Fix some issues with Inline and Tunes toolbars.
  • Fix - Fix minHeight option with zero-value issue #724
  • Improvements — Disable Conversion Toolbar if there are no Tools to convert #984


  • Improvements — Inline Toolbar design improved
  • Improvements — Conversion Toolbar now included in the Inline Toolbar #853
  • Improvements — All buttons now have beautiful Tooltips provided by CodeX Tooltips
  • New — new Tooltips API for displaying tooltips near your custom elements
  • New API — Block lifecycle hooks
  • New Inline Tools API — Ability to specify Tool's title via title static getter.
  • Fix — On selection from end to start backspace is working as expected now #869
  • Fix — Fix flipper with empty dom iterator #926
  • Fix — Normalize node before walking through children at isEmpty method #943
  • Fix — Fixed Grammarly conflict #779
  • Improvements — Module Listeners now correctly removes events with options #904
  • Improvements — Styles API: .cdx-block default vertical margins decreased from 0.7 to 0.4 ems.
  • Fix — Fixed getRangeCount call if range count is 0 #938
  • New — Log levels now available to suppress Editor.js console messages #962
  • Fix — Fixed wrong navigation on block deletion


  • Refactoring — Constants of tools settings separated by internal and external to correspond API
  • Refactoring — Created universal Flipper class that responses for navigation by keyboard inside of any Toolbars
  • Fix — First CMD+A on block with now uses default behaviour. Fixed problem with second CMD+A after selection clearing #827
  • Improvements — Style of inline selection and selected blocks improved
  • Fix - Fixed problem when property 'observer' in modificationObserver is not defined


  • New — New blocks.insert() API method #715.
  • New Conversion Toolbar — Ability to convert one block to another #704
  • New Cross-block selection — Ability to select multiple blocks by mouse and with SHIFT+ARROWS #703
  • Deprecatedblocks.insertNewBlock() method is deprecated. Use blocks.insert() instead.
  • Improvements — Inline Toolbar now works on mobile devices #706
  • Improvements — Toolbar looks better on mobile devices #706
  • Improvements — Now pasteConfig can return false to disable paste handling on your Tool #801
  • Fix — EditorConfig's onChange callback now fires when native inputs` content has been changed #794
  • Fix — Resolve bug with deleting leading new lines #726
  • Fix — Fix inline link Tool to support different link types like mailto and tel #809
  • Fix — Added typeof util method to check exact object type #805
  • Fix — Remove internal enableLineBreaks option from external Tool settings type description #825


  • Fix Config — User config now has higher priority than internal settings #771
  • New — Ability to work with Block Actions and Inline Toolbar from the keyboard by Tab. #705
  • Fix — Fix error thrown by click on the empty editor after blocks.clear() method calling #761
  • Fix — Fix placeholder property appearance. Now you can assign it via placeholder property of EditorConfig. #714
  • Fix — Add API shorthands to TS types #788


  • Improvements BlockSelection — Block Selection allows to select single editable element via CMD+A
  • New API — Added API methods to open and close inline toolbar #665
  • New Config - Added new property in EditorConfig holder, use this property for append Editor instead holderId. holder property now support reference on dom element. #696
  • Deprecated Config - holderId property now is deprecated and will removed in next major release. Use holder instead.
  • Fix Types — Fixed error with codex-notifier package #713
  • Improvements — Close inline toolbar after creating a new link.
  • New Config — Option minHeight for customizing Editor's bottom zone height added.


  • Improvements — CodeX.Shortcuts version updated to the v1.1 #684
  • Fix — Do not start multi-block selection on Toolbox and Inline Toolbar #646
  • Fix — Minor fixes of caret behaviour #663
  • Fix — Fix inline-link icon position in Firefox #674


  • Fix — Make Toolbox tooltip position font-size independent


  • New Inline Tools — pass tool settings from configuration to Tool constructor


  • Fix — Fix processing color-mod function in styles


  • New API - new blocks API method renderFromHTML


  • New — Add ability to pass configuration for internal Tools


  • Fix - Fix editor view on mobile devices


  • Fix - Fix inline toolbar buttons margin. Update dependencies list. Update tools for example page.


  • Fix — Block tunes margins now better works with more than 3 buttons


  • Fix Paste — Fix pasting into non-initial Blocks


  • Fix Paste — Polyfill for Microsoft Edge


  • Fix RectangeSelection — Redesign of the scrolling zones


  • Fix - Clear focus when click is outside the Editor instance


  • Fix — Fix CMD+A Selection on multiple Editor instances


  • Improvements — Docs updated and common enhancements


  • Fix RectangeSelection — Selection is available only for the main mouse button


  • New — Add API methods shorthands


  • New — Rename from CodeX Editor to Editor.js


  • New — Toolbox now have beautiful helpers with Tool names and shortcuts


  • Improvements — Prevent navigating back on Firefox when Block is removing by backspace


  • Fix — Handle paste only on initial Block


  • New — Blocks selected with Rectangle Selection can be also removed, copied or cut


  • Improvements — Migrate from postcss-cssnext to postcss-preset-env and disable postcss-custom-properties which conflicts with postcss-preset-env


  • New RectangeSelection — Ability to select Block or several Blocks with mouse


  • Fix Caret — Fix "History back" call on backspace in Firefox


  • Imporvements API — Added API methods to manage caret position


  • Improvements Types — TypeScript types sre updated


  • Fix — Caret now goes through elements without type attribute


  • Fix — Fixed selection behavior when text has modifiers form Inline Toolbar


  • Fix — cmd+x works only for custom selection now



  • New Mobile view — Editor now adopted for mobile devices
  • New Narrow mode — Editor now adopted for narrow containers


  • Improvements Caret — Improvements of the caret behaviour: arrows, backspace and enter keys better handling.


  • New Autofocus — Now you can set focus at Editor after page has been loaded


  • Improvements Paste handling — minor paste handling improvements


  • New Shortcuts — copy and cut Blocks selected by CMD+A


  • New Sanitize APISanitize Config of Block Tools now automatically extends by tags of Inline Tools that is enabled by current Tool by inlineToolbar option. You don't need more to specify a, b, mark, code manually. This feature will be added to fields that supports inline markup.
  • New Block Selection — Ability to select Block by CMD+A, and the whole Editor by double CMD+A. After that, you can copy (CMD+C), remove (Backspace) or clear (Enter) selected Blocks.
  • New Styles API — Added button class for stylization of any buttons provided by Tools with one unified style.
  • New Notifier API — methods for showing user notifications: on success, errors, warnings, etc.
  • New Block ToolTable constructor 💪
  • New If one of the Tools is unavailable on Editor initialization, its Blocks will be rendered with Dummy Block, describing that user can not edit content of this Block. Dummy Blocks can be moved, removed and saved as normal Blocks. So saved data won't be lost if one of the Tools is failed
  • New Public TS-types are presented.
  • Changes Tools API — options irreplaceable and contentless was removed.
  • Changes Tools APIPaste API: tags, patterns and mime-types now should be specified by Tool's pasteConfig static property. Custom Paste Event should be handled by onPaste(event) that should not be static from now.
  • Changes Tools API — options displayInToolbox and toolboxIcon was removed. Use toolbox instead, that should return object with icon and title field, or false if Tool should not be placed at the Toolbox. Also, there are a way to override toolbox {icon, title} settings provided by Tool with you own settings at the Initial Config.
  • Improvements — All Projects code now on TypeScript
  • Improvements — NPM package size decreased from 1300kb to 422kb
  • Improvements — Bundle size decreased from 438kb to 252kb
  • ImprovementsInline Toolbar: when you add a Link to the selected fragment, Editor will highlight this fragment even when Caret is placed into the URL-input.
  • Improvements — Block Settings won't be shown near empty Blocks of initialType by default. You should click on them instead.
  • ImprovementsonChange-callback now will be fired even with children attributes changing.
  • Improvements — HTMLJanitor package was updated due to found vulnerability
  • Improvements — Logging improved: now all Editor's logs will be preceded by beautiful label with current Editor version.
  • Improvements — Internal isEmpty checking was improved for Blocks with many children nodes (200 and more)
  • Improvements — Paste improvements: tags that can be substituted by Tool now will matched even on deep-level of pasted DOM three.
  • Improvements — There is no more «unavailable» sound on copying Block by CMD+C on macOS
  • Improvements — Dozens of bugfixes and small improvements

See a whole Changelog

2.1-beta changelog

  • New Tools API — support pasted content via drag-n-drop or from the Buffer. See documentation and example at the Simple Image Tool.
  • New Tools API — new sanitize getter for Tools for automatic HTML sanitizing of returned data. See documentation and example at the Paragraph Tool
  • New Added onChange-callback, fired after any modifications at the Editor. See documentation.
  • New New Inline Tool example — Marker
  • New New Inline Tool example — Code
  • New New Editor.js PHP — example of server-side implementation with HTML purifying and data validation.
  • Improvements - Improvements of Toolbar's position calculation.
  • Improvements — Improved zero-configuration initialization.
  • and many little improvements.