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Release v2.19

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@khaydarov khaydarov released this 14 Oct 12:27
· 185 commits to next since this release
  • New - Read-only mode 🥳 #837
  • New - RTL mode added #670
  • New - Allows users to provide common inlineToolbar property which will be used for all tools whose inlineToolbar property is set to true. It can be overridden by the tool's own inlineToolbar property. Also, inline tools will be ordered according to the order of the inline tools in array provided in the inlineToolbar property. #1056
  • New - Tool's reset static method added to the API to clean up any data added by Tool on initialization
  • Improvements - The initialBlock property of Editor config is deprecated. Use the defaultBlock instead. #993
  • Improvements - BlockAPI call() method now returns the result of calling method, thus allowing it to expose arbitrary data as needed #1205
  • Improvements - Unuseful log about missed i18n section has been removed #1269
  • Improvements - Allowed to set false as toolbox config in order to hide Toolbox button #1221
  • Fix — Fix problem with types usage #1183
  • Fix - Fixed issue with Spam clicking the "Click to tune" button duplicates the icons on FireFox. #1273
  • Fix - Fixed issue with editor.blocks.delete(index) method which throws an error when Editor.js is not focused, even after providing a valid index. #1182
  • Fix - Fixed the issue of toolbar not disappearing on entering input in Chinese, Hindi and some other languages. #1196
  • Fix - Do not stop events propagation if not needed (essential for React synthetic events) #1051 #946
  • Fix - Tool's destroy method is not invoked when editor.destroy() is called. #1047
  • Fix - Fixed issue with enter key in inputs and textareas #920
  • Fix - blocks.getBlockByIndex() API method now returns void for indexes out of range #1270
  • Fix - Fixed the Tab key behavior when the caret is not set inside contenteditable element, but the block is selected #1302.
  • Fix - Fixed the onChange callback issue. This method didn't be called for native inputs before some contentedtable element changed #843
  • Fix - Fixed the onChange callback issue. This method didn't be called after the callback throws an exception #1339
  • Fix - The internal shortcut getter of Tools classes will work now.
  • Deprecated — The Inline Tool clear() method is deprecated because the new instance of Inline Tools will be created on every showing of the Inline Toolbar