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Get Coding

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Would you like to drive the future of document editing on Firefox OS? Get coding by following a few easy steps!

Before you begin

Get your own repo

It's time to make your own working mirror of the Firetext repository. To do this, click Fork.

After forking the repository, clone it to your local machine by running the following in a terminal/command line:
$ git clone --recursive<YOUR-USERNAME>/firetext
$ cd firetext

If you forgot the --recursive flag above, run:
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

Finally, add create a new remote that points to the base repository by running:
$ git remote add base

With this set up, you can fetch new commits from the base repository by running:
$ git pull base <BRANCH>

Set up a development environment

Using a Device (recommended)

If you have a Firefox OS device, you can push Firetext to it by using the Firefox WebIDE. Mozilla has detailed instructions for how to do this on their wiki page.

This is the best option because there are some APIs that one cannot use without a device.

Using a Simulator

Mozilla has provided a simulator for the Firefox OS platform. Details can be found here.

Using Firefox Nightly

You can test Firetext in Firefox Nightly (available here). Currently, Firetext must be run from a server (so that it has an origin).

Suggested software for running a web server locally:
Linux - LAMP
Mac, Windows - MAMP

How to contribute

Find an issue

We have many features to be implemented, and bugs to be fixed. A complete list is available on our GitHub issues.

You can also find important issues at our Issue labels page.

Fix an issue

Once you have decided on an issue to fix, create a new branch, such as issue-1, in your local repo:
$ git branch <BRANCHNAME>
$ git checkout <BRANCHNAME>
$ git pull base develop

You are now ready to hack. Good luck!

Note: As always, if you need assistance, please tag @joshua-s in a comment.

Submit your changes

Your code is ready for the limelight. It is time to merge it back into the base repository.

First, make sure your changes have been committed. To do that from the Terminal or Command Line, run $ git add --a to include all files in the commit, or $ git add <FILEPATH> to include an individual file in the commit.

Double-check that the correct files will be included:
$ git status

If everything looks okay, then go ahead and commit the files:
$ git commit -m "<MESSAGE>"

Now, push the commit to your fork:
$ git push origin <BRANCHNAME>

Create a new pull request to codexa/firetext by following GitHub's help article.

The request will be reviewed as soon as possible, and you may be asked to make changes to the code. If changes are needed, you can update the pull request by committing and pushing changes to your fork. Once review is complete, your code will be merged into the base repository!

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