Alpine-based minimal Python3 + Gunicorn setup.
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Travis CI

Alpine-based minimal Python3 + Gunicorn setup.


  1. Create your own Dockerfile using codexfons/gunicorn as base.
  2. ADD your_project $APP_PATH in your Dockerfile.
  3. Depending on what your WSGI entrypoint is, you may have to set some of the environment variables as documented below.

Environment variables

  • GUNICORN_PORT (default: 8000): The port served by Gunicorn.
  • GUNICORN_MODULE (default: server): The Python module serving as the Gunicorn entrypoint.
  • GUNICORN_CALLABLE (default: app): The object inside $GUNICORN_MODULE that is called by Gunicorn.
  • GUNICORN_USER (default: gunicorn): The Gunicorn process runs as this unprivileged user instead of root.
  • APP_PATH (default: /opt/app): Root path of the application, which serves as working directory and home for $GUNICORN_USER.

Testing contains a simple integration test to ensure that the example WSGI module produces an expected response.