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Super Crash Course in Full Stack Programming with Python and Django

Thank you for checking out my book. I am very excited to finally release this, and appreciate all of the input I will get. The goal of this book is to split up different subjects into modules (as much as possible) so that each chapter can be used independently as a reference. So, if someone knows the front end, they can skip right to the Django chapters. I also want to make sure it is as clear as possible. If there are any questions, please let me know. As of March 3, 2019, this is the first beta release, so I am guessing there will be many changes.

I skipped over a lot of the installation items because there are plenty of sources that explain it, and there is very little difference in how I can explain it. However, if you think it would add value to it, please let me know.

The next version will have the following concepts:

  1. Error Handling in Python
  2. Explanation of importing files in Python
  3. Lambdas
  4. Explanation of Static and Media
  5. Add required explanation for Html tags
  6. Going into Class Based Views
  7. Security Measures
  8. Signals
  9. More in depth user model
  10. Django forms
  11. Add an appendix for a giant list of resources.
  12. Virtual Environments
  13. More in depth conversation regarding Django versions

I would also like to know if people think Javascript would be useful to include in this.

My next book if going to be on using React with Django (DRF). If you think that there is a better subject, please let me know,

To read on our website, go to

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