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The Codeyourinfra project

License: MIT GitHub release Codeyourinfra project website

The Codeyourinfra project aims to bring dev tools and practices to the ops world. The objective is to help sysadmins in gradually adopting tools like Ansible, Vagrant, GIT and Jenkins, and practices like coding, testing, versioning and deploying the infrastructure.

Giving solutions

The project addresses sysadmins' common pain points, giving solutions that use such tools and practices. The solutions are all explained in detail at the project website, and maintained each one in its repository. They are as follows:

How to contribute

The project is totally open for collaboration, like any other open source project. It's an work in progress, needing constant feedbacks in order to improve continuously. You can collaborate in different ways, here's a list of suggestions:

  • Cloning this repository in order to validate the solutions
  • Making a pull request of a new solution or a solution fix/improvement
  • Commenting on the articles posted on the blog
  • Telling the problems you face as a sysadmin

Release 2.0

The Codeyourinfra project was totally refactored. Here are the main changes implemented for the version 2.0: