AMD compatible script for converting LL, UTM, USNG, and MGRS
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AMD compatible version of usngs.js with bug fixes, enhancements, and extensive unit tests.

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USNG (U.S. National Grid) MGRS (Military Grid Reference System)


  • Convert Lat/Lon bounding box to closest USNG
  • Convert Lat/Lon to UTM/UPS
  • Convert Lat/Lon point to USNG
  • Convert UTM/UPS to Lat/Lon
  • Convert USNG to UTM
  • Convert USNG to Lat/Lon
  • Convert Lat/Lon to MGRS


Example usage of this file with Cesium and OpenLayers can be found within

var usng = require('usng.js');

var converter = new usng.Converter();

var usngCoord = converter.LLBboxtoUSNG(north, south, east, west);

var utmCoord = converter.LLtoUTM(lat, lon, utmcoords, zone);

var utmUpsCoord = converter.LLtoUTMUPS(lat, lon)

var usngCoord = converter.LLtoUSNG(lat, lon, precision);

var llCoord = converter.UTMtoLL(UTMNorthing, UTMEasting, UTMZoneNumber, accuracy);

llCoord = converter.UTMUPStoLL("Z 2222222 2222222") llCoord = converter.UTMUPStoLL("10 1234567 6543210") llCoord = converter.UTMUPStoLL({northPole, zoneNumber, easting, northing})

var utmCoord = converter.USNGtoUTM(zone,letter,sq1,sq2,east,north,ret);

var llCoord = converter.USNGtoLL(usngStr_input, getCenter);

var mgrsCoord = converter.LLtoMGRS(lat, lon, precision);

CLI Test Tool Usage

Note: This is not for production use

Run with: usng-cli [function] [params]

In development you will need to run npm link first.


Build with: npm run build Format with: npm run format