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Welcome to the Codidact wiki!

This project was created to coordinate and keep track of current efforts by a group of (mostly unsatisfied) users of Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange Network to develop an alternative to these platforms.

The group first gathered on 2019-10-16 over an off-site online chat system. Our preliminary focus is to come up with a plan on how this idea can be achieved best, and to gather enough able hands to make it possible.

This very wiki page is still a draft and is subject to change.

The Elevator Pitch

Our goal is to enable community-driven and community-governed Q&A. We want to build a place for questions, a place for answers, a place for community.

To do this, we'll build an open-source platform for Q&A sites and host an instance of it for interested communities. On our instance, content will always be free and never hidden behind paywalls or subscription fees. We'll seek donations to fund that instance, and when it comes time to create a legal entity, it will be non-profit so that shareholders' financial goals don't work against communities' interests.

Every community is different and needs vary. One size does not fit all, so our platform will be highly customizable. We will work with individual communities that want to join to learn what they need and help them create it.

We aspire to create software that is as accessible as possible, including localization.

Requirements, under development.

Getting Involved

The best way to get involved with this project is to jump into the forum. Of particular note is the MVP tag. Help us prioritize and refine feature ideas! All are welcome.

Work on Codidact is distributed thusly:

  • the forum, for working out ideas, talking about use cases, building consensus, etc

  • GitHub, for actual development

  • Discord, for casual chat -- we're trying to move artifacts out of there so nobody has to dig through Discord, and are archiving some old channels there

See also: organizational structure.

Project TODO list:

  • Decide on whether to use a frontend framework and if so, which one.

  • Decide on site structure, i.e our own approach to a Q&A system.

  • Agree on a set of architectural and code style guidelines in written form.

  • Settle on a license for the software.

  • Coordinate everyone's general attributions and roles, and begin development.

  • Decide on the community management approach.

  • Decide on which site(s) to replicate first.

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