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Official landing page for the Codidact project
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The Codidact project landing page. It should contain a high-level overview of what the Codidact project is about, as well as references to resources such as the forums, Wiki, and chat.

This site is live at
A staging environment is deployed via GitHub Pages and can be seen at

Setting up your local development environment

  • Ensure node and npm are installed locally (nvm recommended).
  • Run npm install to install project dependencies.


Whilst CI tools will be used at a later date, before submitting a PR ensure your code is linted by running npm run lint. Any submitted PRs will be rejected if linting does not pass.

  • All formatting (except JS) is handled by Prettier (we recommend installing an auto-formatter for your IDE). The configuration is located in .prettierrc.
  • JS formatting and linting is handled by ESLint. JSON config resides in .eslintrc (to be added).
  • CSS linting handled by stylelint. JSON config in .stylelintrc.
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