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Improve webpack dev documentation
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Here's how we're using it:

## `webpack.common.js`
This file contains all common definition for chunks and plugins, that are needed by the whole app.
This file contains all common definitions for chunks and plugins that are needed by the whole app.

The various entrypoints under the `entry` key define groups of files (npm packages or .css/.js files directly from this project) that need to be included together to be useful.
The `index` group for example bundles all javascript files and libraries used for the note editor.

Entrypoints are referenced in the `plugins` section.
The `HtmlWebpackPlugin` uses templates in `public/views/includes` to include the path to the generated resources in new templates under `public/views/build`. These templates are then used by the backend to serve HTML to the browser.

**TODO:** Document which entry points are used for what.

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