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The Programming Club of VBIT

  • VBIT-studyMap

    studyMap will be an invaluable companion web-app to help and guide a student during his/her exam preparation. It will help the student to create a study schedule by taking two factors into account: The number of days left for the exam. The individual difficulty rating for each subject. After considering these factors, the web-app uses an efficie…

    JavaScript 4 1 0 1 Updated Jul 27, 2019
  • JavaScript 3 1 0 1 Updated Jul 19, 2019
  • vbit_marketplace

    A marketplace to reuse the goods that is no longer functionally needed for a group of students. We could have a marketplace where people can buy, sell, and borrow goods of common use like Text Books, Calculators and Drafters. This has a huge potential market for usage as first years all buy Drafters and Lab dress which is generally not needed on…

    JavaScript 4 3 0 1 Updated Apr 13, 2019

    A social media platform which is exclusively used for knowledge sharing and built on a strong fundamental that people learn more through experiences. Using this platform students of VBIT will have to login and can ask various questions related to the college life, academics, faculty and still stay anonymous. This application would especially be …

    JavaScript 4 3 0 1 Updated Apr 4, 2019

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