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An immediate mode GUI for the Love2D framework.
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Slab is an immediate mode GUI toolkit for the Love 2D framework. This library is designed to allow users to easily add this library to their existing Love 2D projects and quickly create tools to enable them to iterate on their ideas quickly. The user should be able to utilize this library with minimal integration steps and is completely written in Lua and utilizes the Love 2D API. No compiled binaries are required and the user will have access to the source so that they may make adjustments that meet the needs of their own projects and tools. Refer to main.lua and SlabTest.lua for example usage of this library.


Integrating this library into existing projects is very simple.

local Slab = require 'Slab'

function love.load(args), 0.88, 1.0)

function love.update(dt)
	Slab.BeginWindow('MyFirstWindow', {Title = "My First Window"})
	Slab.Text("Hello World")

function love.draw()

For more detailed information on usage of this library, refer to the Wiki.


Slab is licensed under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file for more information.


  • Dear ImGui project built by Omar Cornut and various contributors. This project was the inspiration for building an Immediate Mode GUI for Love2D specifically. If anyone is building a game or application in C++, I highly recommend using this library and its rich toolset to speed up development.
  • and the Tango Desktop Project for providing icons used in this project.
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