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RedisTS is a typesafe Go client for RedisTimeSeries.

Go Reference

RedisTimeSeries documentation:

This library tries to support multiple Redis clients, because applications probably already use one. There are examples in the reference for,,, and demonstrating how one can create a new RedisTS client using them.


RedisTS was created during a coding spree which had the following focus:

  1. Functional options for friendly APIs.
  2. Type safety.
  3. Switched word order for better autocompletion and to follow the naming scheme used in stdlib (e.g. http.MethodGet, http.StatusNotFound).
  4. Compatibility with multiple Redis clients.
  5. Accept time.Time and time.Duration where a parameter is a timestamp in milliseconds or a duration in milliseconds.

Get module

go get -u

Running tests

go test

The tests expect a Redis server with RedisTimeSeries ^v1.6 module to be available at localhost:6379. One can use -test.short to skip those tests.

go test -test.short

Below you can find an example code to run a Redis server with "edge" version of RedisTimeSeries via docker.

docker run --name dev-redists -p 6379:6379 -d redislabs/redistimeseries:edge

Supported clients

RedisTS is tested with the following clients:


It probably works with others, but it's not guaranteed. Feel free to open an issue to get support for other clients, because if it isn't too much effort it will be added to the list above.

Production readiness

This project is still in alpha phase. In this stage the public API can change multiple times a day.

Beta version will be considered when the feature set covers the documents the implementation is based on, and the public API reaches a mature state.

Alternative libraries


Any type of contribution is welcome; from features, bug fixes, documentation improvements, feedbacks, questions. While GitHub uses the word "issue" feel free to open up a GitHub issue for any of these.


RedisTS is distributed under the MIT license.


RedisTS is a typesafe Go client for RedisTimeSeries.



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