What is JAMstack? Why is it gaining popularity? What does it mean for back-end developers?
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JAMstack for Back-End Developers

JAMstack is a set of best practices for building decoupled front-ends with a heavy emphasis on build-time rendering.

It’s quickly gaining popularity because the managed services and front-end tooling have reached a tipping point where it’s now easy to make great static sites at build time.

Because of this, the responsibilities of Front-End and Back-End developers are changing. Check out the slides to see where I think things are going.

Working with the code

This site requires a connection to postgres sql, and the schema has not been checked in anywhere yet. Shoot us a message if you are interested in actually running this code and we will help you set things up!

Environment Settings


Running locally

gatsby develop


gatsby build

Resources we like:

JAMstack.org Home page for JAMstack, tons of https://jamstack.org/resources/

StaticGen Great collection of static site generators. Browse my technologies and license.

JAMstack Radio Podcast focused around JAMstack

Coding Blocks on JAMstack Great Podcast wink feature discussion and debate over what JAMstack is, and what it means for the future