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Releases: codingchili/enigmatic-mouse


11 Aug 10:08
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  • Fixes broken version number/codes in 1.2.0.


16 Jun 15:20
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  • fixes #46 for Android P support. This is NOT backwards compatible.

Older versions does not support Android P and will fail after authentication because of a tiny tiny layout issue caused by a deprecation if upgraded.

Creating a backup before installing 1.2.0 and then restoring could in theory work. But it DOES NOT.


28 Jan 19:18
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  • credential fragment: split domain and username.
  • fix rendering issue for pwned domains in credential list.
  • hide menu item for showing the import (empty) fragment.
  • add missing link action to octocat.


26 Jan 16:56
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New features

  • localization simplified chinese
  • localization: russian
  • localization: french
  • localization: swedish

URL's to rate the app and the app website has been updated to point at the future website.

The releases are now also signed.


02 Dec 14:20
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New Features

  • audit log for authentications, updates, password reads
  • application settings view
    • lock on resume - requires master password / fingerprint on app resume.
    • delayed actions - disable the delay for sensitive tasks.
    • developer options (wipe credentials)
  • application info view - MIT License and Octocat link to GitHub
  • reworked navigation - now uses both application menu and option menu
  • subscribed to haveibeenpwned security list
    • breaches will be listed under credential info and displayed in the list with a color on the domain
  • support devices without fingerprint sensors
    • now possible to use master password and/or fingerprint to setup/authenticate.
  • application header/bar re-added
    • now shows the name of the application and the current version.
  • implemented the concept of vaults - still only possible to use the "default" vault.


  • improved transaction handling in realm
  • prevent credentials from being hidden under the bottom navigation bar
  • hide keyboard while authenticating faster



27 Nov 18:14
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First version.


  • application is protected by fingerprint authentication.
  • securely store passwords encrypted within Realm.
  • shows icons for the sites you add from the internet.
  • allows you to copy to clipboard or view passwords within the app.
  • set a credential as favorite and sticky it to the top of the list.

Supported devices: Android >= 26 with Fingerprint sensor.