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  • support for Java 11.
  • support for openjfx 11.
  • upgraded chili-core to 1.1.3
  • verified support for elasticsearch 7.0.0
  • verified support for mongodb 4.0.8
  • verified support for hazelcast 3.10.5
  • verified support for cqengine 3.0
  • verified support for geth 1.8.23
  • upgraded gradle wrapper to 5.3.
  • support for using elasticsearch with TLS (*).

*) by setting 'secure' to true on the storage config.

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  • remote mongoDB/elasticsearch configurations host/port
  • support Geth JSON/HTTP and INFURA nodes.
  • Upgrade to web3j 3.4.0.


  • Minor adjustments to the graphical user interface
  • Use yaml for application configuration instead of json.
  • Upgrade to newer chili-core version.
  • Index all fields of transactions.

Bug fixes

  • Import does not always stop when complete.
  • Blocks are not imported if transactions are not checked.
  • Application does not terminate when commands complete.


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  • updated web3j library to version 3.3 and verified with geth 1.8.2.
  • updated ElasticSearch transport client to 6.1.1 and verified with 6.2.3.
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Set chili-core as a non-transitive dependency to reduce jar size.
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First version

  • JavaFX graphical user interface + commandline mode
  • supports importing blocks and transactions
  • supports waiting for blocks not mined yet
  • backpressure using rxjava observables
  • supports importing into
    • Hazelcast 3.6.3
    • ElasticSearch 5.6.2
    • MongoDB 3.4.10
    • CQEngine.

Uses chili-core 1.0.9-SNAPSHOT.