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  • Kibana 6.6.0 -> 7.0.0-alpha1

New features

  • logging authentication attempts
  • generating a random token secret on startup
  • new scripts for building releases
  • updated .travis.yml to build both linux/windows releases.
  • removed all use of jquery and the plugin no longer includes it.
  • now supports basePath if rewriteBasePath is true (default in 7.0.0)
  • can now coexist with the basic version of X-Pack.


  • upgraded dependencies on mongoose/pug with 4 medium security vulnerabilities.

Compatibility changes

  • upgrade hapi to v17.
  • make sure plugin init can be async as this is required by hapi.register now.
  • replace kibana.Plugin with new kibana.Plugin in index.js
  • x-pack /login route conflicts with mithril's /login, now using /mithril instead.
  • the default authentication strategy is removed before it is set by mithril.
  • changed how the icon is specified as it was no longer appearing.
  • the application no longer uses jade as it did not work with webpack.
  • not explicitly setting kbn-version header from KBN which was removed.
  • cookie path is explicitly specified when unstate'ing cookies.
  • the cookie was not being set the first time 2FA is activated.

If a release is missing for your platform/version please see the instructions on how to build it yourself or request it from maintainers.

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  • Kibana 5.6.2 -> 6.3.2

  • Mostly style changes to fit the new theme in v6.

Tested with 6.3.2 - prior (6.x) versions uses node 6.12 which is unable to load the native argon2-ffi libraries. We only support kibana 6.3.2 and up from now on.

Note: does not work with 6.4 due to major breaking changes.
Note; the attached zip only works on windows - more platforms available in the next release.

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First release of the plugin, adds the additional following features

  • support for disabling 2FA
  • support for storing credentials on file
  • support for storing credentials in mongodb

See for full feature list.

Attached zip file can be installed for kibana 5.6.2 on windows using the following command:

kibana-plugin install

See the for building for a different version/OS.