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Adds sign up verification, forgotten password reset, and other capabilities to local feathers-authentication
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Adds sign up verification, forgotten password reset, and other capabilities to local feathers-authentication.

This repo work with either the v1.0 rewrite of feathers-authentication or with v0.7.

Multiple communication channels:

Traditionally users have been authenticated using their username or email. However that landscape is changing.

Teens are more involved with cellphone SMS, whatsapp, facebook, QQ and wechat then they are with email. Seniors may not know how to create an email account or check email, but they have smart phones and perhaps whatsapp or wechat accounts.

A more flexible design would maintain multiple communication channels for a user -- username, email address, phone number, handles for whatsapp, facebook, QQ, wechat -- which each uniquely identify the user. The user could then sign in using any of their unique identifiers. The user could also indicate how they prefer to be contacted. Some may prefer to get password resets via long tokens sent by email; others may prefer short numeric tokens sent by SMS or wechat.

feathers-authentication and feathers-authentication-management provide much of the infrastructure necessary to implement such a scenario.


Refer to Documentation.

Read a step-by-step guide created by Jon Paul Miles


Run npm test



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