Fluent Scala DSL for Google's Cloud Dataflow SDK
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Scalaflow is a Scala DSL for Google's Cloud Dataflow's Java SDK.

Dataflow is a cool service but it's even cooler if we can write data pipelines and distributed data transformations in Scala with a fluent style:

object ScalaStyleWordCount extends App {
  // pipeline definition
  val options = PipelineOptionsFactory
  val job = new DataflowJob(options)

  // input
  val input = job.text(options.getInput())

  // transformations
  val words = input.flatMap(line => line.split("[^a-zA-Z']+"))
  val wordCounts = words.applyTransform(Count.perElement())
  val results = wordCounts.map(
    count => count.getKey + "\t" + count.getValue.toString)

  // output
  results.persist(options.getOutput(), Some("writeCounts"))


The Java version of this code can be found here. Compare them and make a judge yourself!


  • a DList abstraction similar to Spark's RDD
  • a DataflowJob abstraction that wraps the Pipeline in Java SDK
  • a Scala side CoderRegistry for data type serialization and desrialization


  • Integrate the KV data operations (groupByKey, Combine, Join etc.)
  • More tests on CoderRegistry (port Java SDK's test)
  • Use Kryo for user class ser/deser

Feel free to share your ideas with me on this project: ju.han.felix at gmail.com or @juhanlol on twitter.