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Pacman for Emacs


  • Emacs 24.4+
  • Emacs should have displaying images support
  • Emacs should have the XPM image format support


Pacmacs available on MELPA. Add the following to your emacs config file somewhere (.emacs, init.el, whatever):

(require 'package)
(add-to-list 'package-archives
             '("melpa" . "") t)

Then use M-x package-install RET pacmacs RET to install the game.



  1. M-x pacmacs-start RET — start the game;
  2. M-x pacmacs-score RET — show the 10 best scores.


Only available in the *Pacman* buffer.

  1. <up> — move Pacman up;
  2. <down> — move Pacman down;
  3. <left> — move Pacman left;
  4. <right> — move Pacman right;
  5. q — quit the game;
  6. SPC — pause the game.


Before developing the game please remove it from Emacs if it was installed before. You'll need Cask to install the dependencies.

I usually use the following workflow when I develop this game:

  1. $ git clone git:// && cd pacmacs.el;
  2. $ cask install;
  3. $ cask exec emacs;
  4. M-x find-file RET /path/to/pacmacs.el/pacmacs.el RET;
  5. M-x eval-expression RET (add-to-list 'load-path default-directory) RET;
  6. M-x eval-buffer RET;
  7. M-x pacmacs-start RET;
  8. M-x pacmacs-quit RET;
  9. Change something in the source code;
  10. Go to the step 6.

Unit Tests

For Unit Tests you need to install Cask first. To run unit tests:

$ cask # only once to download development dependencies
$ cask exec ert-runner


All the source code of this game is distributed under the MIT license. All the work in the sprites/ directory is distributed under CC-BY.

Check and sprites/ files for more information.