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Since transactions are at the core of this app, this release touches almost all subsystems and is therefore huge.
Transactions are now composed of multiple splits, which belong to different accounts and are no longer bound to accounts,
nor is the money amount bound to the transaction itself.
Splits store the amounts as absolute values and then separately the kind - CREDIT/DEBIT - of the split.

  • Feature: Introduces multiple splits per transaction
  • Feature: Introduced a new Split editor for the creation and editing of splits
  • Feature: Use account specific labels for CREDIT/DEBIT instead of just generic "debit" and "credit"
  • Feature: Import GnuCash XML files - accounts and transactions only (experimental)
  • Feature: Back up transactions in an XML format (similar to GnuCash XML) called .gnca (Gnucash Android)
  • Feature: Option for saving opening balances before deleting transactions
  • Improved: Updated processes for moving, creating, exporting, deleting transactions to work with splits
  • Improved: Updated computation of account and transaction balances to be in line with accounting principles
  • Improved: Updated color (red/green) display to match movement in the account, and not a representation of the side of the split
  • Improved: Introduced new format for sending Transactions through Intents (while maintaining backwards compatibility)
  • Improved: Extensive code refactoring for
    • Better modularity of transaction exports (and ease introduction of new formats),
    • Cleaner database schema and reduction of overlap and redundancies
    • Easier database migrations during future update (with reduced risk of data loss)