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Global statistics #105

sojusnik opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Hi there!

Thanks for this great extension!

It would be nice to have a global statistics inside a calendar, that will show how much pomodoros you've accomplished on a certain day/month/year.



Hi again :)

Certainly I would like to have stats :)

I thought about it and here's how I see it:

  • there should be charts like "total work time", "average work time per day" and "break to work ratio" per day/week/month (any more ideas?)
  • I would like them to be plotted on a timeline rather than in a calendar
  • I think we should be using regular time instead of pomodoros - if user tries to change pomodoro duration the timeboxing stops being accurate
  • task list (when implemented) should have option to view history. In a toolbar there could be a button with a date picker.

As to calendar, we could add interation with Evolution or Google Calendar through libgdata, and tasks could be added there... but more I would like to have an option to explicitly "Add this task to calendar". I know it's not related to stats, just a related idea :)


Sound great! You have my voice!

@pwl pwl referenced this issue

todo.txt integration #134

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