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Idea: script hooks #118

v-for-vincent opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I get the impression a lot of features that might be requested could be handled by providing a plugin or script hook mechanism. Possible use cases include keeping track of the work you've done in an arbitrary timesheet app, locking/unlocking particular applications, etc.


Hi Vincent :)

I do see script hooks useful when they are ment to be configured by users. If implemented, there would be three events: pomodoro-start, pomodoro-end and notify-pomodoro-start.

However, I it's not a replacement for a plugin system. Pomodoro offers DBus interface one can use to write a plugin for other apps or a services. With DBus there is more control, more info about current status, less latency and no configuration for the user if one wishes to distribute the plugin.

As to plugins, I wish to have a set compiled-in (so they don't reduce startup time), and a few that woul be chosen at runtime like Cinamon Desktop integration plugin or GNOME Desktop plugin. I've started work on built-in plugins.

I'm anxious about adding both plugins and script hooks by default, it feels too much. Adding integration with other apps or services would be done way better as plugins. On the other hand script hooks would be quick solution to many problems...

I will make some work on a built-in task list and come back to the idea.


also see #70

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