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I would like to be able execute a script when the timer finished or resumes. Specifically, I'm wanting to pause/play my music player, but I can imagine other actions being useful.

I'm thinking either have two scripts, one for break and one for resume, or just have one and pass in arguments to the script.

myscript [break|resume] [short|long]

Hi @danthegoodman :)

Some more things user scripts could be used for:

  • block Facebook or other domains during pomodoro
  • wake up the screen to notify end of a long break
  • reduce power usage during breaks
  • blink keyboard illumination light

But there is a problem. Timer adapts to user activity - it's supposed to be flexible so that even during breaks the extension wouldn't get into his/her way. With this thinking only scripts meant for notification would be okay. In case of domain blocking, if user gets lured to visit Facebook it's so easy just to toggle timer off and unblock it; toggling timer off doesn't really make him/her a favor. We need to figure out if user scripts are that useful...

As to pausing/playing music player I think it's better to use global hotkeys. Currently notification dialog blocks them but I'm working on fixing that in next release.


@kamilprusko: If someone makes the personal choice installs a script that blocks facebook, then decides to turn off the timer so that they can have facebook access whenever they want, that's their own fault. I don't think we should prohibit someone from having the option to run scripts just because they might be stupid.

As for controlling music: You're right, global hotkeys would be a better idea.


That's a desperately needed feature, as one of the core concepts of the pomodoro technique is to note reasons, why a pomodoro was interrupted when that happens.


The proposed change is probably very simple and enables every user to do a LOAD of useful stuff. Another example: you could automatically notify time tracking software.

Using any scripts at all is optional, i don't see any harm there. It is possible to make poor choices in those scripts. But then again, poor choices can be made anyway. It's also very much in line with "do one thing and do it well" philosophy.


another idea:

  • set your Instant Messenger on "Do not disturb" or switch nicks on IRC.

I've added it to milestone 0.12 for GNOME 3.12, I wish to do it as a plugin.

Which Instant Messenger you want to be supported? Now we integrate with gnome-session and Empathy status is actually changed by gnome-shell. As gnome-session does not have "Do not disturb" status we can't simply add it... For Pidgin or Skype I reckon there shouldn't be a problem :) I don't use IRC, so support for it will likely be left for the contributors.



I second this idea. It would be really cool to automatically set/unset blink(1) to a red color when in a pomodoro.


$20 bounty on BountySource.


+1 for this feature. It would be tremendously helpful...

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