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This package is not maintained by Andreas any more.
But some of us still use this package w/ Arch. See

Old README Contents
This is a collection of patches that extend mutt with a number of useful but so
far unintegrated features. They have been collected from various sources from
the internet, and are provided in a form that makes it possible for quilt to
manage them.

To use these patches with your local copy of the mutt source, do the

svn co $CHECKOUTDIR (choose your own directory)

Alternatively, you can also choose a branch that fits best your specific version.

In the directory of the mutt source, do:
ln -s $CHECKOUTDIR/patches patches

Now you can use quilt to manage the patches.

To apply all patches, simply type:
quilt push -a

Then rebuild to mutt build scripts:

Then you're ready to configure and make mutt. Have fun!

Contact: Andreas Krennmair <>