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A learning playlist autofiller for MPD
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a daemon that keeps your MPD playlist filled with the music you actually listen to.


  • python 3.x
  • python-mpd2

If you have pip installed, a simple pip install -r requirements.txt should do the job.

Usage [command]
command can be one of :
  radio [on|off|toggle]     : switches between radio mode and stat collection only
  trigger [number]          : sets how many tracks must be in the playlist at all times
  info [filename]           : gives some info on the specified track, or the currently playing track

  stop (synonym: kill)
  loglevel [debug|info|notice|warning|error]

To have autoplay start automatically, you may add start > /dev/null & to your .profile or .bash_profile.


Make sure you have all dependencies installed, then put anywhere in your $PATH.


Autoplay will connect to the server according to environment variables MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT. The defaults are :


A password can be used by using the syntax MPD_HOST="password@host".

If the variable MPD_MUSIC_DIR is set, Autoplay will use it to flag symlinks or hardlinks as duplicates.

How it works

Autoplay gives each song a karma rating based on how often it adds that song, and how often that song is played.

Usually, bad songs have karma under 0.25, meh songs have karma between 0.25 and 0.60, and good songs are over 0.60. A song that is often added by the user to the playlist will have a karma over 1.

When a song is played, there is a cooldown time (default 12h) during which autoplay cannot add it. This way, the same songs cannot be spammed over and over.

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