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Draw white shadow underneath menubar icon #5

KelseyHigham opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Kelsey Higham Han Lin Yap
Kelsey Higham

The text is fine, but the icon is missing it!

Han Lin Yap

Why is it needed? Have you customized your menubar or? The text don't have white shadow.

Could you tell me some more details like what computer you have and a screenshot of how it look now?

Kelsey Higham

I haven't customized my menubar at all; this is all with the default OS X theme.

Every item in the OS X menubar has a faint white shadow underneath, to make it look like all the text and icons are indented.

It's clearer with a black desktop background:

And even clearer when you take a transparent screenshot of SystemUIServer:

And here's a screenshot of Battery Time Remaining — with a shadow under the text, but not under the icon:

The white shadows are at 45% opacity, and the black icons/text are at 90% opacity. So an easy way to generate the icon is to create a 50% opacity white shadow, put it underneath the black icon, merge the two, and reduce the opacity of the merged image to 90%.

(If you don't merge the images before decreasing the opacity, the white shadow will shine through the transparent black icon, and then the resulting icon will be gray rather than black.)

Han Lin Yap

oh ok, I didnt know or see that every icon had a white shadow underneath, but now I know. It is so small :P

Hm, I have looked around on how to apply this shadow and I cant find any easy way to program this. Ill try some more.

Guillaume Algis guillaume-algis referenced this issue from a commit in guillaume-algis/Battery-Time-Remaining
Guillaume Algis guillaume-algis Draw white shadow underneath menubar icon. Closes issue #5. 0144fb4
Han Lin Yap

How do you take a transparent screenshot?

Han Lin Yap codler closed this
Kelsey Higham

Do Shift-Command-4, then press Space, then click on a window. (Menubar icons count as windows.)

Plenty more info here:

Thanks @guillaume-algis and @codler!

Oliver Sigge osigge referenced this issue from a commit in osigge/Battery-Time-Remaining
Guillaume Algis guillaume-algis Draw white shadow underneath menubar icon. Closes issue #5. 0f875ed
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