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Notifications while charging! #79

galambalazs opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I'd like to prevent my battery from charging over 80% as per the recommendations here:

Unfortunately your app (which I bought through the Mac App Store) only shows notifications while discharging.


One way to solve this could be:

Percentages above 75% should send "Charged to X %" type notifications by default
(instead of "battery remaining...").

It doesn't really make sense to get notifications if my battery is discharged to 80% (still got tons of juice),
but it makes perfect sense to be alarmed when charging hits 80% (see my link above).


If we're going to implement this, it'd make sense to have two percentages: an upper limit (set by default to 80%) and a lower limit (set by default to 50%). You get a notification when you hit 80% connected to AC, and another notification when you hit 50% on battery.

We could name it "battery health" mode, or something like that. What do you think?


I too would like to see this feature as this is the reason why I am using the app. Perhaps the easiest way to implement something like this is to have the notifications be show regardless if the battery is charging or discharging. Currently they only seem to show if the battery is discharging, except when the battery is full.


Now implemented. Notifications above 50% notifies while charging.

@codler codler closed this

Working great!


Not working for me. What am I doing wrong?

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