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I made a number of improvements to your App to make it somewhat more useful for me. The main improvements/thing I added are:

  • Start on login functionality
  • Battery icon
  • Time remaining when charging the battery
  • Textual improvements (less special chars)
  • Some small code improvements

If you want you can merge my improvements into your branch. I think I will improve my version somewhat further in the next days, will send a new pull request by then.

mac-cain13 added some commits Aug 4, 2012
@mac-cain13 mac-cain13 Removed special chars in statusbar and cleaned up the code a bit
- Removed special chars around the message in the menubar
- Call IOPSGetTimeRemainingEstimate() only once
- Added comments
- Using more properties to improve readability
@mac-cain13 mac-cain13 Added a simple readme for Github 6c15d58
@mac-cain13 mac-cain13 Fixed contibutors d57ff19
@mac-cain13 mac-cain13 Added start at login option cd82cdd
@mac-cain13 mac-cain13 Changed texts when full and when calculating
- Calculcating => Calculating…
- Unlimited => ∞
@mac-cain13 mac-cain13 Update ac6e1e7
@mac-cain13 mac-cain13 Also display time until fully charged
also updated copyright notice in info plist
@mac-cain13 mac-cain13 Using the Apple battery icon
We now show the Apple battery icon in the menubar
@mac-cain13 mac-cain13 Sign release builds with the Wrep Developer ID
also ignore XCode userdata/workspace
@mac-cain13 mac-cain13 Fixed stupid mistake where the icon was not correctly zit c972361
@mac-cain13 mac-cain13 Install instructions update
also added links to contributors and how to contribute
@mac-cain13 mac-cain13 Merge branch 'refs/heads/development' 5f8af5e
codler commented Aug 5, 2012

Thank you very much for improving and adding more feature!! I really appreciate it! This is my first mac app so any improvements and suggestions etc are welcome :)

I merged all your commits except one, the "CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY".
I also made some improvements and fixed a bug.

@codler codler closed this Aug 5, 2012

Great that you accepted the pull request! I understand why you didn't accept the code sign commit, but you should sign the builds you publish with a Developer ID. If you don't code sign builds Gatekeeper will prevent users from installing it!

codler commented Aug 5, 2012

oh, is that why. To get Developer ID I must have Mac Developer Program membership and it cost $99/year which is expensive. As a student that is too much for me =( It would be okey with one time fee, but per year is...


I get that, my company has an Mac Developer Account and can sign builds, so maybe we can figure something out to get out signed builds. At least I can sign the builds I make and put online. :)

codler commented Aug 8, 2012

I decided to join the program :P and now I can sign.


Great to hear you've joined. :) Looking forward to a lot of signed builds!

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