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Here are some common issues our users have faced, and some hints that might help you resolve them.

It doesn't work, what should I do?

Please send us some logs and diagnostics information so that we can investigate this further. Please continue reading to know how.

You asked for some logs, how do I send them?

Logs and diagnostics information can be sent from within the app itself, using Help menu. Please follow these steps:


It doesn't work when the phone is turned off.

Your phone has to be on and connected to Internet for it to work. There is no problem if you lose connectivity temporarily, the app will resume to work once the connection is recovered. Unfortunately it doesn't work in deep sleep mode either.

It doesn't work when the phone is locked.

If you have set up your phone to disconnect you from Internet when you lock or go to deep sleep mode the app won't work.

The app doesn't support unicode text.

Older versions of the app had issues regarding unicode, but they are mostly resolved. If you are using a recent version of the app expect it to send your unicode texts properly. If you are still having problems, it is worthwhile checking your email client, for example we have heard about Thunderbird unicode issues if "mail.strict.mime" flag is not set.

No texts are forwarded.

You need to check 'Messages' tab to see if texts reach the application. If there is nothing there, the app is having problems receiving SMS broadcasts. Please try this simple utility to see if it can receive SMS messages.

Chances are another application is dropping the broadcast. This is typically the problem if you are using a custom application for texting. You could try apps like Permission Explorer to find out which applications receive SMS broadcasts in the system, these are your suspects!

Some of them provide a way you can change this behaviour. As an example, this is what you should do if you have GO SMS Pro installed: Un-tick 'Disable other message notification' in Other settings. Now every application can get SMS broadcasts. You might need to disable notifications from phone's default messaging app to avoid duplicate notifications.

Other applications that are not SMS messaging apps might also be interested in receiving SMS broadcasts, any app that might send you a text for phone number verification falls in this category. At the time of writing, Facebook messenger is found to be one of these. Unfortunately, since SMS is not these applications' main functionality they might not provide this configuration. Most of them also set the priority of the listener to max to make sure they receive SMS broadcasts. They way Android OS works right now, if two apps assign the same priority the order of installation matters, they will receive the notification in the order of installation (the oldest will receive first). In this case, re-installing the offending app will fix the issue.

No replies are sent.

You need to see if the app picks up your emails. If will make them read once it picks them up, this is how you can know. It checks for new emails sent from your target email address, to gateway email address, in the right inbox, having the right subject line. If any of these don't match the repllies won't work. Here are a few cases where things won't work:

  • You have set up for gateway and for target, but you forward your yahoo emails to When you reply to the emails from they won't be picked up.
  • You have set up a filter in GMail to skip the inbox for such emails and store them under 'SMS' label, but your application is set up for 'INBOX'. They won't be picked up by the app.
  • You modify subject line when replying to something that this app doesn't know about. Currently these subjects are recognized as text reply emails:
    Re: [Relay ME] SMS From +1-123-123456
    Fwd: Re: [Relay ME] SMS From +1-123-123456
    Re: [Relay ME] SMS From +1-123-123456 (David)
    Re: Fwd: [Relay ME] SMS From +1-123-123456 (David)

The last one is useful to initiate sending an SMS from email. For the phone numbers use a format that your phone understands with no space in it.

One other thing to note is when you receive an MMS or miss a call from somebody, you will receive notifications about it. You can also reply to those emails, and as a result an SMS will be sent.

The app doesn't work at work, but everything is fine back home.

The app needs to connect to secure SMTP port (587) to send emails and secure IMAP port (993) to check for replies. If these ports are blocked by your company policy unfortunately the app won't work properly.