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This uses a local checkout of a CVS module, a bare "remote" Git/CVS repository, and a working Git repository.
The workflow is to pull CVS updates into the bare Git/CVS repository, then pull those changes into the working
repository. Changes are worked on and committed to the working repository, but *NOT* pushed up to the Git/CVS
repository. Instead, the changes are identified and pushed to CVS through the local CVS checkout. These 
changes are then imported back into the remote Git/CVS repository and merged back into the local repository.
Finally, the local index is reset to be in sync with the remote master.

Any in-flight work in the local repository is preserved by using git stash prior to pulling from the remote
and then re-applied after the index is reset.

# Pull a CVS module into a local Git repository
cvs2git $module

# To push changes committed to Git into an upstream CVS module
git2cvs $module

You should have the following directories set up:

None that I currently know of. Please contact me if you find any.
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