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A platform for teaching computer science and reinforcing concepts through practice problems
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Codus is an open-source online platform for code practice. Right now, Codus supports only the Java programming language.


The main Codus app has two components: the front-end, located inside the app folder, and codus-engine, the back-end, located inside the engine folder.

How it works

Most of Codus’s data, including problem info and users’ solutions, is stored in MongoDB. MongoDB in Codus is configured with the KeystoneJS framework, which comes with an admin UI for the database out of the box.

The data stored in MongoDB is made available to Codus through codus-engine, the backend component of Codus. codus-engine connects to MongoDB and reads and reformats information from the database in order to respond to user requests. Specific information about codus-engine's endpoints can be found inside its dedicated README.

Beyond storing user data, Codus needs to be able to understand and run user code in order to check users’ solutions. A dedicated package created for Codus, codus-execute-java is responsible for securely executing user code. Executing arbitrary code is a notoriously dangerous and insecure practice, so codus-execute-java creates a new Docker container for each solution execution, in order to completely contain the program and prevent malicious code from having any impact. codus-engine exposes the /user/solution/check/ endpoint which hooks into codus-execute-java to verify users’ solutions.

The front end of the app is written in the Vue framework. As the user navigates through and interacts with the app, Vue makes calls to the codus-engine in the background to read and update user data.


You can run the front end of Codus locally without too much trouble if you use the codus-engine instance that’s already configured and running at See the README inside app for more information.

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