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Entropycraft makes torches burn out, and stuff break in minecraft. (A Forge mod)
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#Entropy Craft

What is Entropy Craft?

Entropy craft is a mod that adds entropy to Minecraft.

What does it do?

At this time it only makes torches gradually burn out. The light output gradually lowers until the torch is only smouldering. Torches last for about 5-20 minutes real world time, however they can last much longer.

I am open to suggestions for new features, or changes, please feel free to create an issue, or pull request.


Releases (including deobfuscated jars) available on CurseForge

Please visit the Minecraft Forum thread if you need help, or want to talk about the mod. I will be monitoring the thread.


You can use this in any mudpack or video or livestream you want, feel free to redistribute as much as you want (though if you do please make sure people know where to get updates, as this will be updating frequently).

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