Browserify transfomer to compile Sass styles and optionally inject them into the browser. Plus watchify support!
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Browserify transfomer to compile sass stylesheets. Features:

  • Inject a <style> tag at runtime or just export the compiled css as a string
  • Correctly informs watchify about any @imports
  • Supports postcss
  • Handles sourcemaps

node >= 4.0.0

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/* MyComponent.scss */
.MyComponent {
  color: red;
  background: blue;
// MyComponent.js
require('./MyComponent.scss') // or .sass, or .css
console.log('MyComponent background is blue')


const browserify = require('browserify')
const scssify = require('scssify')
  .transform(scssify, {
    // Disable/enable <style> injection; true by default
    autoInject: true,

    // Useful for debugging; adds data-href="src/foo.scss" to <style> tags
    autoInject: 'verbose',

    // This can be an object too
    autoInject: {
      verbose: false,

      // If true the <style> tag will be prepended to the <head>
      prepend: false

    // require('./MyComponent.scss') === '.MyComponent{color:red;background:blue}'
    // autoInject: false, will also enable this
    // pre 1.x.x, this is enabled by default
    export: false,

    // Pass options to the compiler, check the node-sass project for more details
    sass: {
      // See the relevant node-sass documentation
      importer: 'custom-importers.js',

      // This will let the importer state be reset if scssify
      // is called several times within the same process, e.g. by factor-bundle
      // should export a factory function (which returns an importer function)
      // overrides opt.sass.importer
      importerFactory: 'custom-importer-factory.js',

      // Enable both of these to get source maps working
      // "browserify --debug" will also enable css sourcemaps
      sourceMapEmbed: true,
      sourceMapContents: true,

      // This is the default only when opt.sass is undefined
      outputStyle: 'compressed'

    // Configure postcss plugins too!
    // postcss is a "soft" dependency so you may need to install it yourself
    postcss: {
      autoprefixer: {
        browsers: ['last 2 versions']

Example config using package.json:

  "browserify": {
    "transform": [
      ["scssify", {
        "sass": {
          "outputStyle": "compressed",
          "importerFactory": "custom-importers.js",
          "includePaths": ["node_modules", "bower_components"]

Command line usage:

$ browserify MyComponent.js -t scssify >bundle.js