Uses Amazon Lambda to automatically update your GithubPages-hosted statuspage
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UpdateStatusPage API

Building on the open source statuspage freely hosted by Github Pages, the UpdateStatusPage API uses Amazon to automatically update your statuspage after a status change. You can let Amazon host this for you and save the $39/year.


This project implements a simple webhook built on Amazon Lambda and API Gateway. You configure your Github (or Bitbucket) repo to hit this webhook when any issues are opened, updated, or closed. The Lambda will automatically run the statuspage update command for you.


Checkout and update for your github repo, token, and (optional) organization.


Go ahead and create a virtualenv. You know you wanna.

virtualenv /tmp/env
. /tmp/env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

To create the deployment package for Lambda, you have to install all dependencies from the virtualenv. Fortunately, we've already built a handy little script to create this deployment package for you.


This creates the file which you can upload using the CLI or the Web Console.