A thin xquery wrapper around MarkLogic Server api methods for remote administration via http
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Booster is an xquery module which provides an http interface to a portion of the MarkLogic API for administrative tasks. It is intended to reside within the default Admin app server and provide a remotely accessible hook for automated configuration.

The current release is booster 0.2.

Requires: MarkLogic Server 4.2+

Quick Start

1. Install booster.xqy in the Admin app server root

[user@host ~]$ scp booster-0.2.xqy root@new-server:/opt/MarkLogic/Admin/booster.xqy

2. Call booster to create, edit, or delete resources

# create a new group
curl --digest -u"admin:pass" "http://new-server:8001/booster.xqy?action=create-group&group-name=eval-nodes"

What can booster do?

Booster allows you to make http requests that map to MarkLogic administration actions like creating a user, creating a database, attaching a forest to a database, and so on. The action and related parameters are passed as querystring variables.

Each http request must include a single action. Each action then expects other related variables to be passed in the querystring. For example, the action for creating a database is "database-create" and it expects "database-name", "security-db-name", and "schema-db-name" to also be passed in the request. Here's a curl example:

# create a new database
curl --digest -u"admin:pass" \

With a small amount of shell scripting, you can string together these http calls and completely automate the configuration of a new or existing MarkLogic cluster. You can read more about why this might be useful and more about installation automation at WhyBooster.

If you're ready for more details, you can read about the available actions on the Actions page. You can find more examples on the ActionExamples page.

You can view results from the functional test suite at TestResults.