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Theos Examples

This repo is for simple example projects with theos. They are not intended to be advanced tutorials, but rather simple programs to showcase some of the things you can do and the techniques thereof. Currenty, there are 5 example projects in this repo. Most, if not all of them are totally useless, are are solely intended to be learning excercises. As of now, they are:

  • UnlockChanger, which changes the 'slide to unlock' text.
  • RespringNotifier, which displays a notification on respring.
  • CallNow, which allows you to assign an activator gesture to call a specified number.
  • NameChanger, which allow you to change app's names to a specified name. (in progress)
  • PassChanger, which changes the 'Enter Passcode' text to an incorrectly entered passcode.