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Demonstration Application for VMware Cloud Automation Services (CAS)

Multi-tier application (3), responsive, and leverages technologies and languages that are common place in developer communities. It was designed as cloud native first from a Docker perspective (included is the docker compose file) but also includes the Kubernetes YAML file for deploying to a Kubernetes cluster.

A blueprint.yaml file for import into Cloud Automation Services is included as well.

Application Description

Tier 1 - Frontend Application - User Presentation

  • Angular 7 front end with VMware ClarityUI (
  • NGINX hosting Angular app and also providing reverse proxy functionality to the App Tier. Reason for this is since Angular is a client side extension, connecting to the app directly causes it to fail since it can't resolve DNS
  • Messaging Application leverages Sockets.IO to open a Socket channel between the client and server for rapid updates
  • API Demo Interacts with the Cloud Automation Services API's to return information/details around a given CAS Org (leveraging the CSP refresh Token)

Tier 2 - App Tier - API

  • Python Flask based application
  • Handles interaction between the Frontend and Database tier, the Frontend and the websocket interaction, as well as the frontend to CAS API interaction
  • Scalable to N number of pods
  • Needs to be instantiated BEFORE the Frontend

Tier 3 - DB Tier - Data

  • Postgresql 10 database (named 'posts')
  • Precreated table (named 'textData')
  • Do not scale this pod; bad things will happen


  • Merge flask routes into 1 route instead of 2 (RESTful Model)
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