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IAT for ScriptingRT
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IAT for ScriptingRT

This is a sample IAT for ScriptingRT, which is a Flex framework for developing psychological experiments that measure reaction times.

This IAT is based on an example implementation of the IAT used in Snowden, Wichter, and Gray (2008), assessing reaction times (in the typical IAT fashion) of categorizing words as sexually attractive or unattractive, and pictures as either male or female.



This file describes an example experiment. It includes instructions, the four main categories, and all the stimuli.


This file provides the toggleVis() method that makes sexualityiat.mxml cleaner and more accessible to edit.


This PHP script provides an example of how to load the task in a web browser, including passing a subject ID from the URL.


Placeholder images.


To create a task based upon this example, you must have Flex installed on your machine, and also have a copy of the ScriptingRT framework.

In addition, to use this task in experiments, you will likely want a webserver to host this on, or you can


If you intend to use this as a basis for creating your own IAT, you will want to read through and understand each of the included files.

I have posted this as a place to get started with IATs in ScriptingRT. You will have to compile the task into an SWF object, upload it to a web server/host it locally, and also understand PHP for data collection.

In addition, I have not included the IAPS images used in the actual task. You must acquire those on your own.


Example: /Applications/Adobe\ Flex\ SDK/bin/mxmlc -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries=true -tools-locale=en_US -library-path+=~/ScriptingRT/scriptingrt0352.swc sexualityiat.mxml

Additional Information

ScriptingRT can be found here:

More information on ScriptingRT can be found here:

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