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Landscaping With Frontend Development Tools

An opinionated list of tools for frontend (i.e. html, js, css) desktop/laptop (i.e. does not include tablet or phone yet) web development

Coding Tools

Workflow/Builds/Assemblers/Task-runners/Dev Opts

Browser Package Managers (checkout: Front-End Package Manager Comparison)

CSS Base/Boilerplate

CSS Frameworks (Comparison or Front-end CSS frameworks)

HTML Base/Boilerplate

Frontend HTML/CSS/JS Base/Boilerplate

DOM Scripting (FYI dojo, yui, ext, qooxdoo all have DOM tools)

JS Helpers

Keyboard Helpers

Event (mouse/touch/pointer) Helpers

CSS Helpers

Module/Script Dependency Loaders (Javascript Loaders Comparison)

Templates (template chooser)

UI Widgets (comparison)

* zippy ui

Testing Frameworks

Browser Testing & Browser Automated Testing & Browser Screen Captures

Tests Runners

Test spies, stubs and mocks

Code Coverage

Code Complexity & Reports

Assertion Libraries

JS Performance Testing

JS Auto Documentation Tools

CSS Auto Documentation Tools (THE Style Guide GUIDE)

JS Quality Validators

CSS Quality Validators

HTML Quality Validators

JS Optimizer/Minification/Compression Tools

CSS Optimizer/Minification/Compression Tools

Languages Compiling to CSS
Languages Compiling to JS (

Languages Compiling to HTML


Front End Application Structure (somewhat backend agnostic)

Front End Application Structure (with backend opinions)

Full Stack Application Structure/Frameworks

Frontend JavaScript Frameworks (aka Kitchen Sink Solutions, tools below provide a mixture of the things above)
Front End Application monitoring

Reference/Guide/Polyfill/Generator Tools

Browser X Supports X

HTML Language References & Polyfills

HTML5 & Friends Specs/Ref & Polyfills

DOM Specs/Ref & Polyfills

CSS Specs/Ref & Polyfills

CSS Generators

CSS Style/Conventions Guides

JavaScript ES5 Specs/Ref & Polyfills

JavaScript ES6 Specs/Ref & Polyfills

JavaScript Style/Conventions Guides

General Front-end Practices/Conventions



Online REPL's/editors/IDE's

JS focused editors
Regular Expression editors
HTML/CSS editors
HTML/CSS/JS editors
Execute/Test live code
Browser IDE's
JSON editors

Browser Security

Browser Hacks

API first, CMS Service

Backend services for front-end developers

API tools

API Mocking

Image Mocking

JSON Query Tools

JSON Validation Tools

Front-end DB's

Catalog/Collection of JavaScript Libs and Tools

Static Site Generators

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