Part guillotine, part graveyard for Google's doomed products, services, devices, and brands.
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Killed by Google

A tribute and log of beloved products and services killed by Google.

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To add a product, add it to graveyard.json file. You'll need the following information:

  • Name of Product (name)
  • Launch Date (dateOpen)
  • Discontinued Date (dateClose)
  • Description (description)
  • Link (link)
  • Type (type)

The object should be appended to graveyard.json in the following format (note the alphabetical order of keys):

    "dateClose": "YYYY-MM-DD",
    "dateOpen": "YYYY-MM-DD",
    "description": "[Product Name] was a single sentence overview of the product or service.",
    "link": "",
    "name": "[Product Name]",
    "type": "app|service|hardware"

For code contributions outside of graveyard.json, check out the Contributing Guide.


The description should be a single sentence describing the product. It should begin with the products name. For example, "Google Reader was an RSS/Atom feed aggregator." It will be attached to a generated sentence like "Killed about 5 years ago, Google Reader was an RSS/Atom feed aggregator."

Please be respectful, only use past tense.


Link should be a resource that mentions the discontinuation date and talks about the product. Wikipedia is perfect.


The type should be either app, service, or hardware as a string.

Thanks Where Thanks is Due

I'd like to thank the Wikimedia Foundation and Internet Archive for their wonderful resources, including the ability to track down broken links, home page graphics, and screenshots of services from the past. They have been invaluable tools in gathering information and content for Killed by Google. If you are able, I encourage you to make a donation to these organizations for the wonderful work they do in sharing knowledge and preserving history.