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Get a class from a symbol or string of its name in one fell swoop.
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To Class

This gem adds a to_class method to ActiveSupport::Inflector, Symbol, and String that combines the functionality of ActiveSupport’s camelize and constantize methods—it will convert the object in question to Camel case and then try to find a declared constant with the corresponding name. This allows you to easily get a class from its name with one simple method invocation.

Full documentation is at


:user.to_class       #=> User
'user'.to_class      #=> User
:blog_post.to_class  #=> BlogPost
'blog_post'.to_class #=> BlogPost


See also

If you like this gem, you may also want to check out Easier Instance Variable Access.

Tested with

  • ActiveSupport 3.0.5 — 20 May 2011


To send patches, please fork on GitHub and submit a pull request.


© 2011 Cody Robbins. See LICENSE for details.

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