Run multiple Node projects on the same host without exposing port numbers
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Personal Proxy Server

Host multiple Node projects on the same web server without exposing the port numbers for each application

Set up

git clone
cd personal-proxy-server && npm install


  1. Edit the list of applications in config/applications.json.
  2. Define your default app in config/defaultApplication.json.
  3. Update the paths in config/paths.json.

For example, I run an app on my personal website called FitBank. The dedicated path prefix for FitBank is fit-bank. If a request doesn't begin with that path, the proxy server forwards it to the default application (a blog).

Running the server

First, spin up the web servers that you defined in applications.json and defaultApplication.json. Note that personal-proxy-server will only connect you to these "child applications"; it won't spin up the servers on your behalf.

Running in Prod:

npm start
open http://localhost:80/

Running in dev:

node index.js
open http://localhost:8081/

Running persistently in Prod:

# Some aspects of this script such as file paths are specific to my
# implementation, but it's a useful example.
bash ~/codyromano/automation/start-website.bash &