A python library for converting defined regions of Minecraft levels to a 3D Printable format.
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Latest commit f16dc60 Feb 13, 2013 @codys pymclevel requires python 2.7


Minecraft.Print() is a python library for converting defined regions of Minecraft levels to a 3D Printable format.

python    - (http://www.python.org/download/releases/2.7.3/)
numpy     - (http://sourceforge.net/projects/numpy/files/OldFiles/ or http://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy/user/install.html)
pyyaml    - (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/PyYAML)
pymclevel - (already included)

Step One:
    Build something awesome in Minecraft.

Step Two:
    Define the space you wish to print by placing two markers, in-game. The marker configuration is a diamond block, followed by a gold block, followed by an iron block in vertical order (ascending or descending). The coordinates of the diamond block will be used as the marker.

Step Three Point One:
    Ensure that the save file is in your normal single player directory (this step really only matters if you are trying to process an SMP level).
    Windows - C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves
    Mac     - [username]/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves
    Linux   - /home/[username]/.minecraft/saves

Step Three Point Magic:
    Run the following command from the terminal, replacing [level_name] and [output_name] with the level you wish to process and the desired output file name. The script will then run and save the STL file in the same directory. Note: the script does not need to be in the same folder as your save files (it knows where to find them).
    Windows         - "run.py [level_name] [output_name]"
    Mac or Linux    - "python run.py [level_name] [output_name]"

MeshLab - http://meshlab.sourceforge.net

Option One:
    Print the STL file using a 3D Printer that you have access to.

Option Two:
    Use an online service that will allow you to upload an STL file and order a print. 
    Examples - cloudfab.com and shapeways.com

We figure you already know how to do this.

So here's the deal. We want to see what awesome stuff you guys are going to print. So drop us a line at hi@minecraftprint.com and let us know how it went. Also, if you have something really awesome, consider putting the model up on thingiverse.com for others to see and print.


Cody Sumter         - Conspirator One   - codysumter.com
Jason Boggess       - Conspirator Two   - jasonboggess.com
Dr Sandy Pentland   - Advisor           - web.media.mit.edu/~sandy
Geoffry Sumter      - Code Cleanup      - geoffrysumter.com
Mike Solomon        - Tester            - 
Adam Longwill       - Tester            - gplus.to/AdamLongwill
Justin Smith        - Tester            - 
codewarrior         - pymclevel creator - github.com/codewarrior0
Notch               - Minecraft god     - minecraft.com