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A python library for converting defined regions of Minecraft levels to a 3D Printable format.
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Latest commit f16dc60 Feb 12, 2013 @codys pymclevel requires python 2.7


Minecraft.Print() is a python library for converting defined regions of Minecraft levels to a 3D Printable format.

python    - (
numpy     - ( or
pyyaml    - (
pymclevel - (already included)

Step One:
    Build something awesome in Minecraft.

Step Two:
    Define the space you wish to print by placing two markers, in-game. The marker configuration is a diamond block, followed by a gold block, followed by an iron block in vertical order (ascending or descending). The coordinates of the diamond block will be used as the marker.

Step Three Point One:
    Ensure that the save file is in your normal single player directory (this step really only matters if you are trying to process an SMP level).
    Windows - C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves
    Mac     - [username]/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves
    Linux   - /home/[username]/.minecraft/saves

Step Three Point Magic:
    Run the following command from the terminal, replacing [level_name] and [output_name] with the level you wish to process and the desired output file name. The script will then run and save the STL file in the same directory. Note: the script does not need to be in the same folder as your save files (it knows where to find them).
    Windows         - " [level_name] [output_name]"
    Mac or Linux    - "python [level_name] [output_name]"

MeshLab -

Option One:
    Print the STL file using a 3D Printer that you have access to.

Option Two:
    Use an online service that will allow you to upload an STL file and order a print. 
    Examples - and

We figure you already know how to do this.

So here's the deal. We want to see what awesome stuff you guys are going to print. So drop us a line at and let us know how it went. Also, if you have something really awesome, consider putting the model up on for others to see and print.


Cody Sumter         - Conspirator One   -
Jason Boggess       - Conspirator Two   -
Dr Sandy Pentland   - Advisor           -
Geoffry Sumter      - Code Cleanup      -
Mike Solomon        - Tester            - 
Adam Longwill       - Tester            -
Justin Smith        - Tester            - 
codewarrior         - pymclevel creator -
Notch               - Minecraft god     -
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