1.3 'from future import url' doesn't work. #3

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skoczen commented Oct 10, 2011


It seems that smart-load-tag doesn't play well with 1.3's {% from future import url %} tags.

As far as I can tell, it's because of the ambiguity of the new syntax, and how it interacts with the smart-load-tag's conventions.

This pull fixes support with the 1.3 tag-style, but loses functionality. I don't consider it a good fix, but without it, django admin (or any apps that use future urls) don't work. I also try not to submit bugs without something useful as a pull :)

In any case, support for the future urls without losing functionality would be great. For my limited uses (mostly I'm using smart-load-tag for its namespaced imports), this works well.


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