TypeScript data structures and algorithms. Meeting the demands of the modern web.
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NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE: This library is a learning excercise for me. If you'd like a production ready data structures library please see https://facebook.github.io/immutable-js/

Data Structures & Algorithms for TypeScript and Javascript. Based on Java & C# Collections, and Google Guava

Current version: 0.0.4 (alpha). Currently not recommended for production. Moonlit project that is accepting contributors of all skill levels.

Documentation can be found in https://github.com/codystebbins/tscollections/blob/master/lib/Interfaces.d.ts. Documentation describing the specific implementations can be found in the file representing that implementation. HTML version coming soon.

Mostly finished and tested.

  • Lists
    • ArrayList
    • DoublyLinkedList
  • Maps
    • HashMap
    • TreeMap
  • BiMaps
    • HashBiMap
  • MultiSets
    • HashMultiSet
    • TreeMultiSet
  • Queues
    • LinkedListQueue
  • Sets
    • HashSet
    • TreeSet
  • Stacks
    • ArrayStack
  • Tables
    • HashBasedTable
    • TreeBasedTable
  • Trees
    • RedBlackTree


ES6 Map support. Shims are ok. This library is tested against https://github.com/eriwen/es6-map-shim, but any ES6 tested shim should work.

Development guide


  • npm install -g bower (if not installed)
  • npm install -g tsd (if not installed)
  • npm install



  • Anytime changes are made to the lib directory (the main source code) "grunt dev" should be run. Grunt test relies on the last version of "grunt dev".
  • "grunt test" runs all the tests.